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Hertz On Demand™


Hertz On Demand™ is the luxury of having a car, without the hassles of owning one.  


Enjoy the many benefits of being a Hertz On Demand™ member:


•  Free Membership, no annual fees

•  Rent by the hour or day

•  24/7 Vehicle Access
•  Gas & Insurance Included
•  180 Miles Per 24 Hour Period
•  Luxury and Green vehicle options
•  One Way & Round trip Service Available (even to the airport!)
•  Guaranteed weekday availability (Mon.-Thurs.)
•  24/7 In Car Member Care


How does Hertz On Demand compare? Click here and see for yourself.


Join for Free and use Promotional Code “ZEWEB25” to receive $25 in Driving Credits*.  
For more information and to join for free, visit


* New Members only. 

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